About Us


About Us

Dr. Arpita Prakash Jagga is the founder, Chairman, and MD of Pheonix Physiotherapist and Fitness center, She's having 10 years of experience as physiotherapist. Pheonix physiotherapy Nirman Nagar is an advanced rehabilitation clinic in Jaipur (Rajasthan), that makes a tweaked physiotherapy therapy intend to meet every patient's special physical requirements. Our physiotherapists use the most moderate physiotherapy treatment methods and practices that anyone could hope to find. Pheonix physio group is exceptionally qualified and prepared with most developed strategies.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • Emergency Care Emergency care at home
  • Physiotherapy at Home Physiotherapy helps restore movement
  • Outdoor Checkup Outdoor checkup of physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does a physiotherapist respond?

    Physiotherapy assists with re-establishing development and capability when somebody is impacted by injury, disease or handicap. It can likewise assist with decreasing your gamble of injury or disease later on. It adopts a comprehensive strategy that includes the patient straightforwardly in their own consideration.

  • My physician is a faculty member—what does that mean?

    If your physician is a faculty member, it means that they hold a position as a teacher or researcher at a university or medical school. This position typically involves teaching medical students, conducting research, and providing clinical care to patients. In this context, your physician may be referred to as a "faculty physician" or a "teaching physician."

  • What doctor will I see?

    You will see our best therapist Dr. Arpita prakash jagga who has more than 10 years of experienced.

  • What administrations are given by physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapists support individuals at all phases of life to recuperate from injury, decrease agony and solidness, increment portability and development and boost capability and personal satisfaction, integrating physical, mental, profound and social prosperity.

  • What are 3 kinds of physiotherapists?

    Continue to peruse to realize the different physiotherapy types that you can get.

    Sports Physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapy is an exceptional part of physiotherapy that arrangements with sports experts and competi...

    Recovery and Agony The board. ...

    Outer muscle Physiotherapy

  • What makes a physiotherapist?

    Physiotherapists ought to have a coordinated psyche..

    That implies having great using time effectively, association and critical thinking abilities, as well as careful scrupulousness. Keeping great patient records is a vital piece of a physiotherapy job, not least since you'll manage some drawn out care plans.

  • What are the 7 jobs of a physiotherapist?

    Inside this system, the physiotherapist is working across seven jobs: Physiotherapy Expert, Communicator, Teammate, Pioneer, Wellbeing Backer, Researcher and Expert.


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